3 PC- Green Linen Blend


Part of our Premium Line, this suit is made from 50% high quality wool, 30% tencel, and 20% linen designed to breathe easily and limit wrinkles. This fabric provides the perfect, depth, softness, and individuality.

What the heck is Tencel?

Tencel – a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees that are grown and replaced on specialized tree farms. Unlike most cellulosic fabrics, Tencel is produced using recyclable, Earth-friendly solvents. When blended with cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle-resistance and the lustrous feel of a silk.

Fabric Weight:275g/m

Default Style Options

Jacket Style: Single Breasted Two Button
Jacket Lapel Style: Normal Peak
Pick Stitching Detail: Yes
Jacket Pockets: Straight
Jacket Vents: Side vents
Jacket Ticket Pocket: No
Inside Jacket Lining: Match Fabric
Jacket Button: Match Fabric
Vest Collar Style: No Lapel V-Shaped
Button Style: Single Breasted 5 Button
Vest Bottom Style: Pointed
Vest Belt: Yes
Vest Back Material: Fabric Back
Pleat Style: Flat Front
Pant Bottom Style: No Cuff
Belt Loops: Yes
Suspender Buttons: Yes
Pant Button: Match Fabric
Inside Jacket Embroidery: No
Embroidery Font: Calligraphy
Embroidery Color: White
Lapel Buttonhole Color Accent: Match Fabric



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Pick Stitching Detail

Jacket Pockets

Jacket Vents

Jacket Ticket Pocket

Inside Jacket Lining

Jacket Button

Vest Collar Style

Button Style

Vest Bottom Style

Vest Belt

Vest Back Material

Vest Buttons

Pleat Style

Pant Bottom Style

Belt Loops

Suspender Buttons

Pant Button

  • Inside Jacket Embroidery
  • Embroidery Font
  • Embroidery Color
  • Lapel Buttonhole Color Accent
  • Sleeve Last Buttonhole Color Accent

Inside Jacket Embroidery

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