The Grotto Looks Good on You


The Grotto Looks Good on You


The Grotto Looks Good on You


The Grotto Looks Good on You

Hey, nice suit!

Let’s get this party started! Your custom Grotto suit should fit exactly the way you like. To make sure it’s to your liking, follow the steps below:


Try it on and check yourself out!

To get the best fit assessment, try on your suit with the shirt and shoes you plan to wear it with. Get comfortable, walk around a bit, sit down, then look at your suit in the mirror.

Fits perfectly? We love to hear that!

Think it needs a bit of an adjustment? We’ve got you covered! If you’re local, you can set up an alterations appointment at one of our showrooms for a fit assessment and any necessary tailoring.

Can’t make it to The Grotto?

If you’re out of state or can’t visit one of our showrooms, we want to make sure your suit fits in the custom way you deserve. Please contact our showroom within 10 days of receiving your order so that we can assist you with the next steps and make sure your garment achieves its best fit. Email us at and please describe your fit concerns and, if possible, attach photos of you wearing the item.

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It’s our pleasure to make sure that you look and feel confident in your custom suit by The Grotto. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please reach out to our team at

“We make it custom, you make it yours.”

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Thank you for trusting The Grotto for your big days and every day.