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Consistently rated 5 Stars on YELP!

  • Yelp Stars 5  So... I'm getting married in September and have nine groomsmen. With the pressure mounting I was so grateful I chose The Grotto. Chris, Blake and Angelo put my nerves at ease. The vibe they had was great and they made it a smooth fitting. Thanks to the Grotto I feel confident about the special day.

    Default User Avatar 64x64 V2.yji 19e0a8ff85b15f4bbd79 Eric C.
  • Yelp Stars 5  I came here to get suits for my wedding and everyone at the Grotto were just absolutely the best!

    Leonard immediately made me feel comfortable and did an amazing job guiding me through the suit design. He perfectly towed the line between letting me figure things out and offering his advice when I needed it.

    When it came to the groomsmen and bridesmen suits, I made a mistake with the booking and booked the wrong appointment, but they took it in stride and went through with the fitting and design all at once. The appointment went off amazingly and we all had a blast designing the suits and getting fitted.

    The suits themselves came out great! We all loved the quality of the suits and they were worth every penny.

    My only gripe is due to being a smaller company, they had a few logistical issues when it came to the suits. The bridesmen suits were incorrectly grouped with the groomsmen suits and unfortunately had to be redone. Then one of the redone suits, the pants were several sizes too big.

    But a positive from that is they remade the suits correctly for no extra charge and offered the incorrect suits to the bridesmen at a 50% discount if they wanted to keep them or return them at no cost!

    Overall, the service here and the suit quality are top notch. You may just need to be a little patient if you run into logistical issues, but you can be sure the Grotto will always make it right if that happens.

    I will definitely be returning to the Grotto Menswear for all my suits from now on!

    Default User Avatar 64x64 V2.yji 19e0a8ff85b15f4bbd79 Albert S.
  • Yelp Stars 5  Super helpful, very happy with the suit, great experience overall. Austin and the rest of the team were awesome, highly recommend

    Default User Avatar 64x64 V2.yji 19e0a8ff85b15f4bbd79 Kyle S.
  • Yelp Stars 5  Yo The Grotto Menswear in Costa Mesa is legit! As soon as I walked in, I was blown away by the cool "grotto" setup. It's got this perfect mix of upscale and laid-back vibes that makes you feel right at home.

    The staff here are straight-up pros, especially Leonard and Austin. They took their time to get to know my style and nailed every detail of my custom suit. I got my suit for a wedding, and looking forward to turning heads.

    If you're looking for a fresh suit for any occasion, you gotta check out The Grotto Menswear. Leonard and Austin will have you looking fly and feeling like a boss. Definitely hit them up - you won't be disappointed!

    Wakanda Forever!

    120s Elbert I.