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Located in the Dales of West Yorkshire in the North of England, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds is an internationally renowned cloth merchant supplying the world’s biggest design houses and most prestigious tailors with superior sourced and produced woolen and worsted fabrics. Combining tradition with innovation in design, HFW is the epitome of elegance with global appeal.

Huddersfield Fine Worsteds (Hardy Minnis)


Since the fourteenth century, weavers have been attracted to Huddersfield, which is in the foothills of West Yorkshire at the convergence of the rivers Colne and Holme. This location boasts a plentiful supply of rainwater that filters through the Pennine Hills to create pure, clean, consistently soft water that is ideal for finishing wool.

In the beginning, the Huddersfield wool textile industry was cottage-based, but with the Industrial Revolution came large-scale mills that produced the cloth. Production of fine fabrics required refined expertise, and Huddersfield developed a rich heritage as a source for luxury woolen and worsted cloth. As a result, HFW has enjoyed a long tradition of providing fabrics to the bespoke tailors of Savile Row in London for centuries.

Royal Warrant (Coat of Arms on the Fabric Books)

Huddersfield Fine Worsteds T/A Hardy Minnis is the only cloth merchant to hold a Royal Warrant by Appointment of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This prestigious honor is a testament to the rich legacy of craftsmanship, design, history, and heritage that has made the company a premier source of cloth for Royalty, Savile Row, European designers, and luxury retailers worldwide.

(A Royal Warrant of Appointment is granted as a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services to Her Majesty the Queen, His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh or His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales or their Households.

Did you know?

HFW fabrics are the choice of many movie stars and celebrities. When President Ronald Reagan was shot, he was famously upset about the bullet hole in his brand-new Fresco suit.

Fresco is the original travel suit fabric and was trademarked by the Company in 1907 and is still the Company’s bestselling cloth.

Marling and Evans

The Natural Story

Marling & Evans weave tweed without dyeing it. Inspired by the desire to produce tweed without any environmental impact, they have developed a process to weave colors and structures into the fabric. Through a variety of distinct types of wool, they create unique patterns. In doing so, they use the black and white color of Jacob’s sheepskin and the deep black color of Welsh Black. The largest variety of colors, however, is the Shetland sheep: black, brown, grey mélange and beige mélange, to name but a few.

The Tweed wool is not chemically treated or dyed at all. Only natural soap is used in finishing. Not only is Marling Evans’ Tweed particularly sustainable due to its durability, but it also meets the increasingly important environmental criteria in manufacturing.

Other Fabrics

These fabrics are produced using only naturally dyed and finished English wool, without chemical additives. The process, starting from the selection of the best raw materials, is deeply studied to guarantee the best quality. The range of products is wide, made up of various elements including Covert Twill, an incredibly soft fabric, used in the past for the upholstery of Rolls Royce.

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Marling Evans was founded in the 16th century (1782) and quickly became one of the most important production sites in West England. Already in the 18th century, the distinguished gentleman was wearing Marling Evans Tweed. In the 19th century the factory was built, which produces completely vertically, i.e., all production steps take place on one level after another. In the heart of Huddersfield, which must be seen as the center of Yorkshire’s textile industry, Marling Evans stands as a modern, highly innovative weaving company that continues to produce classic tweeds, but quite differently.

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Vitale Barberis Canonico is an Italian fabric mill established in 1663, located about 50 miles north of Turin in the northern Biella region. Anyone would be hard pressed to name a cloth mill producer that has been around longer than Vitale Barberis Canonico with three and a half continuous centuries of producing wool fabrics (without interruption).

Vitale Barberis Canonico

The Natural Story

The refined and accurately selected raw materials, used for the realization of classic and innovative fabrics are: Australian, New Zealand and South America’s wool, China’s cashmere, Africa’s mohair, France’s linen, Egypt’s cotton, and Asia’s silk.

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7All along, in fact, the focus of Vitale Barberis Canonico’s activities is the production of high-end fabrics in men’s fashion, all divided into collections some dedicated to drapery and some devoted to reaching more dynamic and technical characteristics.

No less than 13 generations of family members have operated and grown the company to its current position. That is a lot of longevity that puts VBC in a position to build on its expertise, introducing thousands of new fabrics each year with a host of historical cloth replicated as well.

In 2012, the wool mill was chosen by the Ferrari brand for the “tailor-made” project, which includes the possibility of personalizing one’s car with Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics.


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Thanks to our experience working with tailors from around the world, Marzoni can create something superb to delight both tailors and their customers across the globe.

We are extremely proud of the luxurious quality and wide array of fabrics we offer and are quite pleased that our tailors share our love for our product.

For instance, each year Marzoni produces more than 500 new designs to always ensure an adventurous experience for the customer.

More specifically, each of the new designs is manufactured and displayed in our look books to guarantee customers know what lovely fabrics they will be receiving.

Marzoni is a merchant that sources from a variety of Italian Mills.

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Marzoni is one of the finest fabric suppliers in the industry, as all our precious fabrics are produced exclusively in Italy and feature a wide range of colors and designs.

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Since 1815, we have realized precious wool fabrics, expression of a constant creative research, that makes Guabello a real ambassador of beauty and well-made Italian excellences, every fabric in the collection stands out for its refined style and relaxed elegance.


Trends are constantly changing and so are our fabrics. We combine tradition, technology and craftsmanship, making innovation and beauty our values, the expression of what we are and represents.

Guabello means not only textile and wool tradition, but, above all, a constant look to the future. From the desire for renewal and creativity of Guabello, born fabrics developed in contemporary designs, in line with the most current code of style, highly performing and, at the same time, in total respect of the environment, thanks to the adoption of an increasingly sustainable production processes.

Our supply chain begins with the authentic selection of the finest fibers, with the now more than ever careful selection of ethical and certified partners from Australia and New Zealand, which only supply superior raw materials of which we are guarantors and spokespersons.